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We always have hundreds of ideas of great ways to use beef and lamb. Just browse through some of our recipe collections, articles and information to help you find something that's just right for you.

  • Feeding the Family with Keema

    The Friday routine: 3.30pm Fetch youngest son from school and feed him 4.30pm Fetch oldest son from after-school football, dragging youngest along. 5pm Take youngest to his football...

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  • Cook with Keema (lamb mince) Stacey Solomon and Nisha Katona

    What is Keema? Made from lamb mince, keema is inspired by South Asian cuisine and is usually prepared as a curry with lamb mince and peas.  The ingredients can vary but generally you...

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  • #MINIROAST Don't wait 'til Sunday?

    Aiming to show just how easy it is to have a small joint of meat during the week, the ad features a man in his office donning a jetpack and blasting through the ceiling only to reveal...

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  • Barbecue Butters and Marinades from Simply Beef & Lamb. quick butters, glazes and marinades to perk up your beef and lamb on the barbecue.

    Why not try some of our quick butters, glazes and marinades to perk up your beef and lamb on the barbecue. Alternatively, choose from a wide selection of prepared glazes and...

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Flavours for Beef and Lamb Mini Roasts

Flavours for Mini Roasts

What’s your flavour? Mini joints suck up flavour and are very forgiving when it comes to what will marry with them. Today as a nation we are spoilt for choice with the store cupboard ingredients and fresh produce...

Festival Fayre

Festival Fayre

Last weekend we attended the Big Feastival with our friends from Red Tractor to introduce people to the wonderful flat-iron steak with an olive tapenade and the delicious masala lamb burgers served in a flatbread. If...

Even easier to find beef and lamb recipes

Even Easier To Find Beef and Lamb Recipes

Here at Simply Beef and Lamb we are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to find what you want. One of the things that you have been saying is that you want to get more information and find it easier to...

Food for Bonfire Night Celebrations

Food for Bonfire Night Celebrations

I’ve got some recipes that you can make in advance so you won’t be stuck in the kitchen slaving away and miss out on all the fun. My first show stopper is keema jacket potatoes – you’ll find the recipe here. If you...