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Braised beef with star anise. Finding recipe ideas for affordable mid-week meals can often be a challenge, we can help.
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Finding recipe ideas for affordable mid-week meals can often be a challenge.

Icy cold weather and the need to be careful with the pennies after Christmas has got me looking at ideas for economical recipes for hearty mid-week meals that the whole family will enjoy. Slow cook cuts such as braising, stewing or casseroling steak or brisket of beef make ideal choices as not only are they great value, but many recipes are also suitable for the slow cooker, making them even simpler to cook and highly convenient. With a bit of preparation early on, all the ingredients can be placed into a casserole dish and left to cook in the oven, or electric slow cooker. It's fabulous to return home to the aroma of a delicious meal, all ready and waiting to be served.

We have dozens of recipe ideas for cooking with braised beef or brisket of beef, simply use the search box above, or try some of these favourites recipes for easy and economical mid-week meals.

Beef and butternut stew

Moroccan style beef stew

Sticky Asian Brisket ( also available as a slow cooker version)

Pulled beef brisket

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