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Meaty Advice: Butcher's Barbecue

Best Beef & Lamb Cuts For The Barbecue
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Simply Beef and Lamb

Our expert butcher Martin shares with us a walkthrough of his ideal barbecue cuts this weekend:

Sun shining; friends invited

Sunny Saturday morning and the friends are invited round for a “barbie“; what we shall feed them? Being a meat man it’s not going to be anything from the sea or out of the ground: A meat feast with a little green for colour!

I’ve got a decent lamb shoulder to play with so away I go….

Spatchcock lamb shoulder

First up is a lamb shoulder, it’s ‘spatchcock’ which means that the bones have been removed so it lies flat. To prepare the meat I have scored the top in a diamond pattern so as to let my seasonings and the heat from the barbie, penetrate the meat and really get the flavours going. That’s the lamb done - now for some beef and as this is my BBQ I get to choose what steak...

Barbecue steaks

Flat iron steaks are the order for the day, these are a cut from the shoulder and are full of flavour. Just as with the lamb, I have scored these to help with the cooking and seasoning .

The barbecue

Let’s get the barbie lit! I like to use a kettle BBQ so I can slow roast my lamb shoulder over indirect heat, I give the lamb about 45 mins. Because I have used shoulder it has a higher fat content than a leg or another leaner cut, so it doesn`t dry out but stays moist and succulent.

Get the coals hot again

Next, let’s open the vents and get them coals glowing because it’s time for my flat irons – just a twist of salt and pepper and on they go! For these I will only give them 3 mins each side – you can do them for even less if you prefer them rare.

Off they come and I cover them in foil to let them rest. This allows the meat to relax, making it easier to cut and tastier to eat. I take off my lamb now and also cover to rest.

When rested for about 20 minutes, I slice the lamb which is still pink and juicy. The steaks are, by this time, ready for eating so let’s enjoy!

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