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Even Easier To Find Beef and Lamb Recipes

Even easier to find beef and lamb recipes
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Simply Beef and Lamb

Here at Simply Beef and Lamb we are always looking for ways to make it easier for you to find what you want.  One of the things that you have been saying is that you want to get more information and find it easier to look at our Beef Recipes and our Lamb Recipes.

The idea was to create pages that act as an environment where everything you needed was collected in one place.

So we have given you information about some of the different types of recipes you can make, and also linked to the relevant sections in the Cooking and Carving sections as well as the Cuts of meat sections.

The idea is to provide you with the inspiration and encouragement to try our delicious recipes and then to guide you through the process of actually making it happen.  

If you are trying new things then there is no need to panic as we have got all the information you need.  We like to think of them as ‘Hubs’.

Beef Recipes

The Beef Recipes Hub lists a series of delicious recipe types and includes links to them but also makes sure that you can link out to find out about the various cuts of meat involved.  Whether you are looking for something easy, or ready to serve up your first roast dinner, there is something to help you, and tempt you.  We also have some links to some great steak recipes and no list of beef recipes is complete without some good old traditional favourites.  The hub also links up to our bigger list of recipes to cook with beef.

You can find it at

Lamb Recipes

The lamb recipes Hub follows a similar pattern with easy lamb recipes such as Keema mince and lamb chops, but also guides you through how to take on more challenging dishes such as roast lamb.  We have step by step cooking guides and a lamb cuts chart to help you learn.  We have provided a few of our curry dishes as well for those who like to spice things up a bit.  As with the beef hub, we also provide a link to all of our recipes to cook with lamb.

We think that it makes it easier for you to find what you need but please let us know what you think.

Its all there at


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