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Midweek Meals

Midweek Meals
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Most of us look forward to the weekend.  Any plans of healthy eating go out the window and we plough into the weekend with plans of nice breakfasts, take-aways, relaxed easy meals and roasts.

Then the week comes back around and so does the monotony!  A mix of routine favourites and a reliance on the freezer or storecupboards as the fridge contents dwindle.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, we are allowed to enjoy our food in the week too!!

For example, try having a Mini Roast on a Wednesday.  Everyone loves a roast but it’s often associated with a lot of fuss and washing up and kept to a weekend when there are extra hands around to help.  But actually, a mini roasting joint is really quick and easy to prepare.  It’s a smaller cut of beef or lamb that cooks in 50 mins or less and tastes delicious.  Add a coating of a sauce or rub for extra flavour and don’t think you have to be restricted to the usual roast accompaniments, try all sorts!  For ease and speed we’ve partnered Mini Roasts with staple items such as oven chips and frozen peas, pre-prepared Mediterranean veg and even flavoured rice

After a tiring day at work, and with the weekend still a couple of days away we deserve a nice meal to brighten our spirits. So pop a Mini Roast in the oven, settle the kids in bed then come down to the comforting smells of a glorious mini roast to relax and enjoy!

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