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Good at Christmas

Christmas recipes with a difference try a roast beef recipe and roast lamb

Christmas recipes are dominating our thoughts now. The festive season is coming and the pace is increasing. We watched our Christmas lights turn on Friday night over here. With it we started to feel that panic. Christmas doesn't have to be the same every year and it doesn't have to be difficult either. What about a Roast beef recipe this year, or maybe roast lamb? We have lots of leftover lamb recipes to use every last piece throughout the week.

Just as you are telling the kids to be good at Christmas (usually so you can have some peace to think this mission through), you are also undertaking the big meal plan for the year. We're here to help you plan it like a pro. Even if you have left it late, it really isn't too late for you to be good at Christmas. With every bauble that the cat knocks from the Christmas tree, and every narrow escape when they try to climb it. Your confidence will grow. All it takes is a bit of know how and a spirit of adventure for something a bit different.

We have broken Christmas down into a series of sections and have great ideas what you can do to give the family a treat and something different with our Festive Beef and Yule Roast Lamb recipes.

Twas the night before Christmas, and everyone was hungry

There is a ritual on Christmas Eve as those who have only just finished work quickly gather up the presents, or check that the Online Order was delivered. Then it is off towards your festive destination. It may be with family or friends but an army of people are all heading somewhere. Then there are those who choose to stay put and might even be working the whole time. Several of our friends work for charities on Christmas Day. We always invite them over on Christmas Eve for a glass of something jolly good and a meal to set the season off in style.

Christmas Recipes

We think we have come up with some winners when everyone arrives on Christmas Eve. Some benefit from longer cooking time just in case there are traffic issues or train delays. Others are really quick to make so either way you have it covered.

Christmas recipes with a difference

Christmas day and Christmas lunch is often the biggest meal of the year. I cooked for 18 one year and that was challenging. We find that the best approach is to start with the big mothership on the day and then use the leftovers to make gorgeous meals during the week.

Best Christmas dinner ever

Let's declare our bias up front, and say that we reckon beef and lamb are much tastier meats for the Christmas dinner table. The best roast beef recipe can knock the stuffing out of a turkey. A juicy roast lamb recipe is more succulent than a goose ever can be. It is tastier, juicier and still captures the festive theme when you follow the right recipe. Here are our Christmas recipes for those who think it is time to give the bird a rest.

A Roast Beef Recipe fit for the biggest dinner of the year

The Roast Lamb recipe that is perfect for this great feast

Second Christmas dinner

It isn't always possible for everyone to be together on a single day and lots of families split their commitments through the week. That doesn't mean one day has to dominate the others, and even if you do have a traditional turkey on Christmas day if you are having a festive feast later in the week, then our recipes work for that as well.

Proper gravy recipes

It's Christmas and if ever there was a time to do proper gravy it is now, so forget about the granules and learn how to make the best gravy for your roast beef recipe, and roast lamb gravy that tastes amazing. We made a video that shows the perfect recipe for gravy. It is so easy you will wonder why you don't do it every time. Make sure you ask your butcher for some stock when you buy everything or get some stock bones and make it yourself.

Perfect trimmings

Then there are the vegetables. Stuffing is great with lamb and what Christmas roast beef recipe would be complete without Yorkshire pudding.

All our Christmas recipes carry step by step instructions that are easy to follow but some people feel a bit unsure of the actual cooking techniques. If that is you then take a look at our Guide to Roasting. It takes the hard work out of cooking a Christmas roast dinner.

Then there is the presentation and the carving. Here are some carving videos to ensure you look capture the theatre of the occasion and our full Guide to Carving the Christmas lunch.

We think we have brought all the Christmas recipes together to give you a Christmas feast with a difference that everyone will remember and keep reminding you about for years to come.

Tasty leftovers recipes

Once the big day is over there is bound to be plenty left over. This is where having a different meat really comes into its own because turkey gets drier the longer you leave it where as Lamb leftovers and beef leftovers hang on to all their taste and are beautifully juicy. Here are some leftover meal recipes to make Christmas week a joyous occasion.

Leftover Beef recipes for Christmas Week

Leftover lamb recipes to keep everyone feeling festive

New Year's Eve party food recipes

New year party food recipes

New Years Eve brings Christmas Week to an end and the last of our Christmas recipes are served. Lots of people turn their attention to friends. Finally it is time to get the party food out, and the champagne ready. Most of all it is time to have fun as we say farewell to 2016, and welcome in the New Year. Here are our recommendations for some great tasting party treats to make your party go with a bang. Consequently you can get your friends together and join hands for a chorus of Auld Lang Syne. This has been a year of change but we hope the one ahead is full of good things.

That wraps it all up for another year. Seems like only yesterday that we did it last year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us.

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