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This summer we are on a mission to help Brit’s become the masters of the BBQ and #RaiseTheSteaks!


Raise The Steaks

If you’re fed up with the same old BBQ spread being churned out each time, we’ve taken note from top BBQ’ing nations like Australia and found out that it’s all about steak! So this summer we’re encouraging the UK to take pride in their BBQ’s and up their game by simply cooking some nice lean, juicy steaks.

We couldn’t help but agree with the sentiment of the video recently posted by popular Facebook Comedian Anto Sharp which highlights the disparity between British BBQ expectations and the reality we get.

So our friend the popular YouTuber Food Busker has taken on the mission to get us Brits to ‘Raise the Steaks’ this summer. He will be travelling across the UK meeting a variety of lifestyle vloggers along the way, providing recipe inspiration and simple tips to show how quick and easy it is to BBQ really delicious steaks.

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