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Slow cook your way to simple, hearty, one-pot meals

Stews and casseroles are the solution to delicious yet easy meals for all the family, which is why we love everything one-pot. Check out our ideas for wholesome beef and lamb dishes from around the globe and let the pot do all the work


Slow Cooked (Slow cooker) Pepperpot Beef Stew

Stews and casseroles

One-pot food from around the world that's simple, honest and hearty.

Cooked long and low, our casserole and stews use traditional cooking techniques, loved by generations, to create tasty and nutritious dishes, perfect for the modern family.

Easy to prepare (often in advance) and then left for the oven or slow cooker to do all the work, dinner will be ready and waiting when you want it.

Using inexpensive cuts of beef and lamb, which are perfect for slow-cooking, our one-pot wonders will help you get back to basics and take it slow for a change. 

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