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Centre Cut Steak

Centre cut steak recipes

The centre cut steak is taken from the 'thick flank', between the rump and the topside and silverside. This produces a very lean steak.

Nutritional Values:

Nutritional Value: 
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What does it look like?: 
What does a centre cut steak look like?
Where is it from?: 
Which part of the cow does a centre cut steak come from?
How can I cook it: 

These steaks are suitable for grilling or pan-frying. Because they are very lean they will be dry and tough if cooked more than medium.  To cook a  2cm/3-4 in thich steak:

Rare: 2 ½ minutes each side

Medium rare: 4 minutes each side

Medium: 6 minutes each side

Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

What else could I use: 

If you prefer your steak cooked between medium and well-done you might want to try a steak that tastes better with more cooking, like a rib eye. If you are looking for something tender and lean which tastes delicious cooked rare to medium, try a fillet or a flat iron if you like more flavour.

Otherwise known as: 

Bullet steak

Did you know: 

The centre cut steak is a very lean and tender steak which is very popular on the continent and is called bullet steak (translated) as the muscle has the shape of a bullet.