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Roast Lamb Crown with Seasonal Spring Vegetables in a Mint Butter.

Herby Crown Roast Lamb with Seasonal Spring Vegetables in a Mint Butter

An impressive roast lamb recipe from the Edwardian period.

Time to prepare: 
5 minutes
Cooking time: 
Medium: 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25 minutesWell: 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes
Suitable for Halal cookery: 

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  • 1 lean leg lamb or crown roast joint
  • Salt and freshly milled black pepper
  • Large handful freshly chopped mint, parsley, thyme and rosemary
  • 30ml/2tbsp mint jelly
  • *For the vegetables:
  • Selection of seasonal spring vegetables such as asparagus, peas, spring onions etc
  • 25g/1oz butter, softened
  • 15ml/1tbsp freshly chopped mint
  1. Preheat the oven to Gas mark 4-5, 180-190°C, 350-375°F.
  2. Weigh the joint and calculate the cooking time. Make several deep and wide slits into the joint between the bones, season and stuff with the herbs. Place onto a rack in a roasting tin and open roast in a preheated oven for the calculated cooking time. 10 minutes before the end of cooking remove the joint and brush with the mint jelly and return to the oven.
  3. Lightly steam a selection of seasonal spring vegetables. Mix together the butter with the mint.Once the vegetables are cooked transfer to a hot serving dish and melt over the mint butter.
  4. Serve the lamb with the minty spring vegetables and boiled new potatoes.