Beef and Lamb Mini Roasts Videos

Mini roasts are great for midweek meals for two, See Andy Bates and Fay Ripley cooking some of their favourite mini roast recipes

Mini Roast Beef with lemon, honey & horseradish

Mini Roast Beef with piri piri

Mini Roast Beef with sticky glaze

Mini Roast Lamb with pistachio & orange

Mini Roast Lamb with rosemary butter

Mini Roast Lamb with pesto & pasta

Mini Roast Beef with chipotle butter recipe (quick)

Mini Roast Lamb with warm spices recipe

Mini Roast Beef with Teriyaki recipe

Lamb Mini Roast with Mango Chutney - Andy Bates

The midweek mini roast for kids - Fay Ripley's family favourites

Beef Mini Roast with Sticky Sweet Chili Glaze - Andy Bates

Lamb Mini Roast with Rosemary Butter - Andy Bates