Festive beef and lamb

Fed up with the same old meals every festive season?

Turkey has been a feature on our dinner table for hundreds of years (since the 16th century), give the bird a rest this year, break tradition and cook with delicious beef & lamb.

The Festive season is more than just Christmas day, many occasions to get together with friends and family to enjoy great food.

''We have chosen a selection of beef and lamb recipes to help you feast your way through the Festivities''

How to make the perfect festive roastie​

Roast potato perfection is easier than you may think.  Crunchy on the outside, fluffy in the middle and guaranteed to impress with every mouthful.

How to make the perfect festive roastie
How to make the perfect gravy

How to make the perfect gravy​

What's a roast dinner without a wonderfully tasty gravy? Banish those gravy granules forever and learn to make this fundamental part of the quintessential roast dinner using the delicious juices left from your roast.