Low & Slow - great tastes worth the wait

You may think of stews or casseroles as old fashioned but these ways of cooking are used in many of the dishes we enjoy today such as curries and stroganoff. The recipe ingredients vary but the basic principles remain the same:

Stewing and casseroling are very similar methods of cooking. Put meat and vegetables in a pot, add some liquid and then cook slowly until beautifully tender. It’s just the method of cooking which defines whether something is technically a stew or casserole. Stews are cooked on the hob and casseroles in the oven, simple.

In addition, slow cookers, or crock pots as they’re also known, are enjoying a well-deserved comeback, we love ours. They’re a great way of cooking many traditional and modern classics and a few minutes prep in the morning means you can return home at the end of the day to the amazing aroma of supper to greet you.

3 steps to Low & Slow perfection:

  1. Preparation is key. 5-10 minutes peeling and chopping vegetables while your meat is browning is all you need, or why not take advantage of the huge variety of ready-prepared vegetables available. Browning the meat in a pan first forms a caramelised crust which adds a wonderful depth of flavour to the finished dish.
  2. Liquid. This may be as simple as water or as luxurious as coconut milk but is essential to envelope and protect the other ingredients during the long, slow cooking time. Slow cooker recipes use less liquid than other cooking methods as there’s so little evaporation during cooking
  3. Herbs, spices and other ingredients. It could be a simple bay leaf in a traditional casserole or a heady mix of exotic spices in a curry but this is what makes all the difference and every family has their own unique mix of ingredients to make their favourite recipe. Of course, plain and simple is often best but who can resist the occasional dumpling or chunky croutons, soft on the bottom, crisp on the top..bliss!
Whatever your taste, there’s a stew or casserole for you. So why not try one of our great recipes or an old family favourite, you’ll be glad you did!