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Simply Steaks
Garlic and mustard marinated steaks
Citrus marinated steaks
  • Simply Steaks

    Simply steaks

    Checkout our great range of steak cuts, including Porterhouse, Denver and Flat Iron Steaks. Superb flavour and great value!
  • Garlic and Mustard Marinated Steaks

    Lean, boneless lamb leg steaks marianted in apple juice, garlic, mistard and seasoning. Perfect mid-week meal cooked on the barbecue or  under the grill.  Serve with a red pepper, rocket and potato salad
  • Citrus Marinated Steaks

    Lean rump steaks marinated in chilli flakes, orange juice,oil, lime juice, maple syrup or honey. light soy sauce, spring onions and seasoning.  Steaks are cooked on the barbecue or under a grill.  Serve with a