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Meet Max
Lamb pilau rice
Pulled beef brisket
Midweek Mini Roast
Lamb keema
  • Meet Max

    Meet Max and Maggie, the 5th generation of a sheep farming family from Worcestershire Max and Maggie are here to make you love lamb just like them. So click to learn more, play the games, win some prizes and help Max
  • Lamb Pilau Rice Recipe From Simply Beef and Lamb

    Lamb Pilau Rice

    A lovely aromatic and fruity rice dish featuring lamb cubes combined with onion, ground paprika, cinnamon, stock, pilau rice, freshly chopped apricots and freshly chopped coriander to finish.   
  • Pulled Beef Brisket recipe from Simply Beef and Lamb.

    Pulled Beef Brisket

    This brisket joint is cooked is cooked very slowly in a low oven, tomatoes, barbecue sauce, honey, Worcestershire sauce, stock and smoked paprika.  The tender meat is 'pulled', before it is shredded to serve.
  • Beef Mini Roast with a Sticky Glaze

    Beef Mini Roast with a Sticky Glaze

    This boneless beef mini roast is packed with flavour thanks to a simple, easy-to-prepare sticky glaze using sweet chilli sauce. Ready in under an hour it's a perfect midweek meal for two.
  • Lamb Keema (lamb mince) Recipe

    Lamb Keema

    Lamb mince cooked with aromatic spices, onion, garlic. tomatoes, fresh chillies and peas. Lamb Keema is a versatile dish that can be served with rice, potatoes, naan/flatbreads or a jacket potato topping.