Steak Diane
Lamb Mini Roast
Beef Steak with Stilton Sauce
  • Romantic Meal For Two on Valentines Day

    Get back to basic's this Valentines day and discover love and romance at home with our delicious, quick and easy meals for 2.
  • Steak Diane

    Steak Diane

    This classic retro steak dish  is quick to prepare and cook. Sirloin, rump or rib-eye steaks pan fried and served with a sauce made with mushrooms, onions, mustard, stock, cream and herbs.
  • Pistachio and Orange Crusted Lamb Mini Roast

    A mini roast crust made with pistachios, fresh herbs and orange zest adds a Middle Eastern twist to this boneless lamb mini roast.  Ready in under an hour makes it the perfect midweek roast.
  • Beef Steak (Sirloin or rump) recipe with creamy Stilton sauce.

    Beef Steak with Stilton Sauce

    Perfect your steak with a creamy stilton sauce.  Delicious, quick & easy midweek steak meal for two. 
  • Nutritious Beef & Lamb

    Lean beef and lamb can play an important part in a healthy balanced diet. It contains a wide variety of essential nutrients including protein.
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