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  • Curious about Korean cuisine?

    Korean dishes are rich in flavours and vibrant in colour so it’s no wonder they are being talked about as THE culinary trend of 2017. Discover more with our collection of inspiring recipes.
  • Korean Style Beef Brisket

    Korean Style Beef Brisket

    This slow cooked Korean Style Pulled Beef Brisket is a great filling for the steamed Bao Buns.  Slow cooked brisket is combined with Korean flavours like sesame oil, soy sauce, gochujang (Korean chilli paste)
  • Korean Crispy Lamb

    This Korean style crispy lamb dish is a quick and easy midweek dish using lamb mince, Korean chilli paste, rice wine and rice or udon noodles.  A speedy dish that is ready in 10 minutes.
  • Tea Smoked Lamb Chops with Korean White Miso Dipping Sauce

    Tea Smoked Lamb Chops with Korean White Miso Dipping Sauce

    Try these delicious tea smoked lamb chops to delight your dinner guests.  Tender lamb chops are lightly smoked with fine smoking chips and loose matcha green tea leaves then grilled until lightly pink in the centre
  • Nutritious Beef & Lamb

    Lean beef and lamb can play an important part in a healthy balanced diet. It contains a wide variety of essential nutrients including protein.
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