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BBQ Pick
Delicious Flavours
Delicious Flavours
  • Sticky Lamb Ribs

    Sticky Lamb Ribs

    These lamb ribs are delicious and great served at a barbecue or garden party.  The ribs are marinated in ginger ale, onions, garlic, soy sauce and honey and served with a light tomato, pasta and pea salad.
  • Korean Barbecue Beef with a Dipping Sauce

    An Korean inspired recipe featuring sirloin or rump steaks marinated in oriental flavours and served with a dipping sauce made with pears, spring onions, light soy sauce, rice wine, chilli sauce and sesame oil
  • Beef, Mushroom and Redcurrant Burgers

    Beef, Mushroom and Redcurrant Burgers

    These beef burgers are great for the barbecue and will be a hit with children as they'll have fun making them.  Finely chopped mushrooms, grated onions, redcurrant jelly and seasoning are combined with beef mince