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Romantic Meal For Two On Valentine's Day

Romantic meal for 2 on Valentine's day. We have hundreds of delicious beef and lamb recipes for you.
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Simply Beef and Lamb

Romantic meal for two. That’s what everyone is searching for on Valentine's Day. The day has a set of traditions and every one you celebrate is special.

It seems that every restaurant in town suddenly increases its prices. It’s the same menu as last night and the only change is a red rose on the table. Then they charge you the earth for it! So why not show how much you care with a delicious home cooked meal?

Do it at home with a romantic meal

We think it’s time to get back to basics and discover romance and love together at home.

We have found that people really appreciate a romantic meal at home. You can eat food that tastes like it came from a top restaurant without paying through the nose for it. Plus you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and can add a bit of uniqueness and luxury.

Steak is the perfect romantic meal for Valentine's Day

Everyone loves a steak and there’s a steak for everyone! From oh so tender fillet steak to a more ‘robust’ steak such a flat iron, take time to find your perfect match, which suits your palate and budget.

We have a video on Youtube that shows you how to select, season and cook your perfect steaks.

For the true traditionalists try our delicious steak recipes for 2:

Butter and steak make a fantastic partnership. Flavoured butters are really easy to prepare and give your dish that professional finish. Maybe the following will entice you to give them a go.

Once you’ve chosen your recipe, be sure to check out our How to cook the Perfect Steak page and ensure your Valentine’s meal is one to remember!

Happy Valentines!

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