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To help you get the best out of your beef and lamb and become a Barbecue star chef we have created some BBQ recipe and technique videos to provide inspiration and add new flavours to your BBQ steaks.

Garlic and mustard marinated steak


How To BBQ




This film gives a great introduction to BBQing. From types of BBQ and fuels, to cooking hints and tips, you’ll soon be BBQing like a professional

How to cook the perfect steak

Whatever type of steak you have available this video shows you how to cook the perfect steak every time.

How To Marinate



Marinades are a great way to add even more flavour to your meals. This film shows you how to put together a simple marinade and make tasty marinated beef kebabs with horseradish and peppercorns.

How to Prepare a Dry Rub



Dry rubs are a wonderful way to add extra flavour to your meat. They’re really quick and simple to make and with no waiting time, this sirloin steak with paprika and herb rub can be cooked and on the table in minutes.

How to Prepare Flavoured Butter



Flavoured butters add extra flavour and richness to lots of your favourite cuts of meat. Easy and fun to make, any leftover butter can be kept in the freezer for use another time.

BBQ lamb leg steaks with olive tapenade



Lamb is amazing on the BBQ and so quick and simple to cook. This recipe pairs versatile lamb leg steaks with a ready-made olive tapenade for ultimate simplicity.