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Lamb mince

Lamb mince

Mince can be from a variety of different cuts of lamb; the middle neck, scrag end, breast or other forequarter offcuts. Lamb mince is perfect for dishes like shepherd's pie, moussaka, burgers and koftas.

Nutritional Values:

Nutritional Value: 
Mince (stewed) per 100g
Energy kj/Kcal: 
What does it look like?: 
What does Lamb mince look like ?
Where is it from?: 
Where does Lamb mince come from?
How can I cook it: 

Mince is very versatile due to its uniform size and shape. Its large surface area means that it cooks through fairly quickly so can be used in quick-to-cook dishes, but it can also be used in dishes which take longer to cook. Mince can also be moulded, meaning that it is popular as burgers and meatballs. 

What else could I use: 

If you are looking for an alternative lamb cut that is quick to cook, why not try stir-fry strips? They are perfect for quick-to-cook dishes like stir-frys and sandwiches.

Otherwise known as: 

Minced lamb

Did you know: 

Lamb mince was often used for shepherd's pie but more recently has become more popular for a variety of dishes.