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The Quality Standard

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Quality Standard beef and lamb: eating quality guaranteed

Buy with Confidence

When cooking with beef and lamb there is one sure way of finding quality meat in your chosen retail store, just look for a quality mark. The Quality Standard label is one such mark and is an easy way to identify quality beef and lamb.

The Quality Standard Mark scheme for beef and lamb provides you with high levels of assurance about the meat you buy and is independently inspected right from the farms the meat comes from through to the shops and restaurants it is sold in.

Selecting Quality

All beef and lamb carrying the mark is chosen according to a strict selection process to ensure that it is consistently succulent and tender. This is achieved by excluding older animals and those used for breeding, which often give tougher meat, from the Quality Standard scheme and by stipulating the time for which meat must be hung in order to mature properly.

We specify exactly how much fat should be on the cuts of meat your butcher is supplied with to ensure good eating quality and flavour. We also specify the size and shape of the carcase the meat comes from, so that your chops, steaks and roasts are a consistent shape and size.


The Quality Standard label provides you with a provenance guarantee so you can be certain where it came from. Quality Standard beef and lamb is traceable right back to the farms where the livestock were reared. So if your Sunday roast has a Quality Standard label on it with the Union flag you know it comes from a UK farm and if it has the St George’s flag it comes from an English farm.