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We always have hundreds of ideas of great ways to use beef and lamb. Just browse through some of our recipe collections, articles and information to help you find something that's just right for you.

  • Cook with Keema Stacey Solomon and Nisha Katona

    What is Keema? Made from lamb mince, keema is inspired by South Asian cuisine and is usually prepared as a curry with lamb mince and peas.  The ingredients can vary but generally you...

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  • #MINIROAST Why wait 'til Sunday?

    Aiming to show just how easy it is to have a small joint of meat during the week, the ad features a man in his office donning a jetpack and blasting through the ceiling only to reveal...

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  • Butters and marinades

    Chilli butter (for 2 beef steaks) In a small bowl mix together 50g/2oz softened butter, 2.5ml/½tsp chilli puree or 1cm (½inch) piece red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped. Form...

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  • Tasty Lamb Keema Pittas

    The delightfully enthuiastic Barry from 'My Virgin Kitchen' shows you how you can use the recipe and turn it into wonderful meatballs served in pitta with a yogurt dip. It's a perfect...

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Meaty Advice: Butchers Barbecue

Meaty Advice: Butcher's Barbecue

Sun shining; friends invited

Festival Fayre

Last weekend we attended the Big Feastival with our friends from Red Tractor to introduce people to the wonderful flat-iron steak w

Midweek Meals

Midweek Meals

Then the week comes back around and so does the monotony!  A mix of routine favourites and a reliance on the freezer or storecupboards as the fridge contents dwindle.

Welcome to the New Look Website!

Welcome to the New Look Website!

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