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We've all heard of rump steak, sirloin steak and fillet steak but did you know that there are well over 20 different varieties of steak all of which are selected for their individual flavour and tenderness characteristics?

Some steak cuts are best cooked thinly, while others are well known for their tender texture and mouthwatering flavour. Try experimenting with different cuts of steak to find your favourite. You can save money too by selecting a more economical steak cut as indicated by our price scoring.

How to cook the perfect steak



Whatever type of steak you have available this video shows you how to cook the perfect steak every time.

Whether you like your steaks well done or prefer them on the rarer side we have advice on steaks cuts to suit your cooking level of choice. A Porterhouse steak will suit cooking any way from rare to well-done whereas Fillet steak is most suitable for serving rare.

Our steak guide provides you with full information of each individual  steak cut, how to cook it, its price range, where it is from on the animal and other information such as how it got it's name. Fillet steak for example is the most expensive cut of steak as it comes from a very small muscle in the lower middle of the back. Fillet is a very tender steak and can be grilled, pan fried or griddled.

Legend has it that Henry Vlll enjoyed sirloin steak so much he Knighted it as "Sir Loin". Sirloin steak has great flavour and is ideal for cooking on a barbecue (link to BBQ page)

Simply choose from any of the steaks below to find out more about these delicious and versatile cuts of quality beef.