Boneless rolled leg

What's Boneless rolled leg

Boneless rolled leg, as the name suggests, comes from the leg. The joint has the bone removed and is rolled to make it easier to cook and carve.

How Can I Cook It?

Boneless rolled leg is ideal for a roast and can be stuffed by your butcher or unrolled, stuffed and rolled back up at home. Oven roast at Gas mark 4-5, 180-190°C, 350-375°F. for 25 mins per 450g/lb or 30 mins per 450g/lb for well done.

What Else Could I Use?

A boneless mini-joint is ideal for smaller meal occasions. If you don't mind having a bone-in joint, try a whole or half leg.

Did You Know?

Your butcher can stuff your boneless leg of lamb for you, either with your own stuffing or one of their own recipes.