20 September 2018

Mini roasts - Why wait til' Sunday?

Now more popular than ever in supermarkets and independent butchers alike, mini roasts are changing the ways in which people think about roast dinners.

We now live in smaller families, eat separately, prefer greater variety through the week and don’t want gristle, excess fat or bones that make serving or eating the food difficult. The mini roast is so easy to cook, serve and eat, it’s no wonder it’s doing so well.

The mighty mini roast is quite simply a little version of a larger roasting joint and comes in the usual variations (topside, silverside etc.) but has the advantage of being cooked and on the table in under an hour with minimum fuss or preparation.

At around 500-600g and costing between £5 and £6, the mini roast is suitable for two to three people and ideal for a midweek dinner, whether you choose to have it in a traditional style with potatoes and vegetables, or prefer something a bit more exotic like a lamb mini roast with warm spices

Still not convinced? We've been working with mini roasts for a while so we've worked out some of the best ways to use them and created some versatile and tasty recipes to give you some ideas.