Lamb Mince Recipes

Economical, versatile and packed with flavour, lamb mince can be used in a variety of recipes. Lamb mince dishes, from shepherd’s pie to tagine to moussaka, have long been a mainstay in culinary traditions across the world, and you can learn how to make them perfectly here.

Whether it’s a summery lamb mince dish like our British-style Fajitas or a more complex recipe like our warming Spring Lamb Meatball Broth, we have over 25 options for you to cook lamb mince like a seasoned chef.

Sourced from a variety of lamb cuts, lamb mince dishes have a uniquely delicious flavour that tantalisingly mingles with many different seasonings and ingredients.

Whether you’re fancying a warming curry or satisfying meatballs, our lamb mince recipes will have something for you and your family.

Open the store cupboard, get cooking and dig into our moreish lamb mince recipe collection.