Lamb mince

What's Lamb mince

Mince can be from a variety of different cuts of lamb; the middle neck, scrag end, breast or other forequarter offcuts. Lamb mince is perfect for dishes like shepherd's pie, moussaka, burgers and koftas.

How Can I Cook It?

Mince is very versatile due to its uniform size and shape. Its large surface area means that it cooks through fairly quickly so can be used in quick-to-cook dishes, but it can also be used in dishes which take longer to cook.

What Else Could I Use?

If you are looking for an alternative lamb cut that is quick to cook, why not try stir-fry strips? They are perfect for quick-to-cook dishes like stir-frys and sandwiches.

Did You Know?

Lamb mince was often used for shepherd's pie but more recently has become more popular for a variety of dishes.