Bistro rump steak

What's Bistro rump steak

Bistro rump is taken from the most tender part of the rump and is highly trimmed to produce a tender, flavoursome steak. It is slightly smaller than the prime rump steaks taken from the centre rump.

How Can I Cook It?

Bistro Rump steak is best grilled or pan-fried in a large hot frying pan.

To cook a 2cm/3/4 in thich steak:

Rare: 2 ½ minutes each side

Medium rare: 3-3 ½ minutes each side

Medium: 4 minutes each side

Well done: 6 minutes each side

Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

What Else Could I Use?

Try a premium rump steak or a sirloin if you'd like something similar. For a more everyday steak take a look at a flat iron - perfect if you like your steak cooked rare - medium.

Did You Know?

The Bistro rump steak looks very similar to fillet steak and is very tender, lean and full of flavour.