Cushion of lamb

What's Cushion of lamb

A cushion of lamb is made from the whole shoulder joint. The bones are removed and then the meat is folded into a rounded cushion shape and secured with string. It can be bought stuffed too.

How Can I Cook It?

Cushion of lamb is a lovely roasting joint, it's flavourful and easy to carve. It is designed to be stuffed so search our recipe section for some delicious stuffings.

What Else Could I Use?

An alternative roasting joint that can be stuffed is boned and rolled shoulder or leg. Also saddle of lamb makes a great roast for a special occasion and tastes delicious with a stuffing.

Did You Know?

Your butcher will be happy to prepare this for you; ask him to put a tasty stuffing inside before you pick it up to make it extra special. Either you can make your own and take it along or your butcher will probably have their own recipe too.