22 March 2024

Make it Tonight With Lamb

Lamb is so much more than a delicious Sunday roast. Its array of cuts and ability to carry such diverse flavours makes it ideal for a variety of cuisines, from Greek and Mexican to Indian and British. We love lamb and think it adds a touch of class to any dish. Below are some of our favourite ways to make any occasion a winner with lamb. 

Make it curry night with lamb

Craving curry?  Whether it's a warming midweek meal for the family or a hot and spicy Friday night 'fakeaway', we know there's nothing quite like a delicious homemade curry. Inspired by authentic flavours and traditional dishes, we've created easy-to-follow and exciting lamb curry recipes for you to cook from scratch. Big flavours + low effort = hassle-free, delicious curries every time!

Got you in the mood for curry night? Find the lamb curry to suit your taste below.

See our lamb recipes in action

If this video doesn't get your mouth-watering, we don't know what will. Watch to see our showcase of droolingly-delicious recipes: Greek-Style Lamb Stacks, Firecracker Lamb and Sticky Maple-Glazed Lamb Chops. Go on... make it lamb.

Make it quick and easy with lamb

Are you looking for a tasty meal to make during the week? One that uses just a few cupboard ingredients and is on the table in under 30 minutes? Then this recipe collection is for you. Lamb is often overlooked for mid-week meals, but its versatile cuts and delicious taste make it a winner any day.

Check out our handpicked selection of recipes below and visit our  Quick & Easy Lamb recipes collection page for more inspiration. 

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Make it home-cooked with lamb

Whether home-cooked means the amazing smell of a roast on a Sunday or an at-home ‘fakeaway’ we have some of our most loved dishes for you to try. So, put your apron on and try some of our favourites you may be surprised at how easy they are to make at home!

Unusual pairings with lamb

Ever tried strawberries and balsamic vinegar? Whilst it sounds so wrong, it tastes so right. We have discovered unusual flavour pairings that work incredibly well with lamb – scientifically-proven even – and we’ve used these to create some delicious, unique recipes. So put down the well-known mint sauce combo and bring out the coffee jar to let your taste buds go on a flavour adventure. 

Discover our lamb recipes with a twist for a unique, memorable take on cooking and flavour combinations that will amaze you. 

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