25 July 2019

Super Salads for Summer

Whether you're adding a salad night to your week, or after some weekend BBQ salad suggestions, please repeat after us: Chicken Caesar Salads are not your only option.  We've picked some of our favourite quick and easy summer salad ideas below.  From creamy lamb to hot seared beef (and our own Lamb Caesar Salad) - these recipes are flavourful, colourful and protein-rich-full!

Want  more? Use our recipe finder and filter by method to discover all our salad ideas.

Beef and Lamb Nutrition

We all know beef and lamb tastes great, but did you know it’s naturally rich in protein, low in salt and provides essential vitamins and minerals that supports good health and wellbeing.  Lean red meat can make a positive contribution to a healthy, balanced and varied diet.  A typical 70g daily serving of cooked meat is the size of the palm of your hand.  Find out more about beef and lamb nutrition here