11 December 2019

Liam finnegan - Off the Block


Lamb Shoulder​

Simple and fresh ingredients compliment two cuts of lamb used in Liam Finnegan's dish for #OfftheBlock. Lamb loin is roasted with butter until it's medium and as the meat tends to lend its self well to slow cooking, the shoulder is cooked for eight hours, letting the flavours of the lamb truly shine.

The head chef of The castle at Taunton reminds us of the old chef saying, "If it grows with it, it goes with it", making wild garlic and lamb a marriage made in heaven, a perfect Spring dish.

Watch the film to hear Liam talk more about simplicity off flavours and slow cooking.

Lamb Shoulder

Beef Fillet​

Dexter beef has a distinctive traditional beef flavour and cooks wonderfully because of the excellent marbling, the perfect feature for Liam Finnegan's dish for #OfftheBlock. The head chef of The Castle at Taunton talks us through what some consider is the best beef around yet isn't widely used.

Beef Fillet