Carving a rib of beef

Remove any butcher's string or elasticated meat bands from the joint.

Hold one end of the ribs and with your knife carefully begin to cut along the back of the ribs until they are removed from the joint.

Insert the carving fork into the joint to hold it firmly in place and with a smooth action, letting the knife do the work, cut into even slices.

Flat Iron Steak

The flat iron steak has been popular in the States for years and has just started gaining favour here in Britain too. Taking its name from its similarity in shape to the old fashioned style of a flat iron, it’s a lean cut from the shoulder, which is tender and flavourful and at its best when cooked medium rare or medium - this is not the steak for you if you like yours well done. It is great for marinating for the BBQ and is the perfect everyday steak as it is cheaper than the more traditional steak cuts so why not give it a try.