Carving a leg of lamb

Place the joint on a carving board with the meatier side of the leg facing upwards and the carving fork placed firmly in the narrow end of the joint.

1.  Begin by carving a narrow wedge-shaped or 'V' cut piece from the middle of the leg.

2.  Following the angle of the 'V' carve the lamb down to the bone and lift out the slices.

3.  Try not to carve too thinly, but aim for about 5mm / 1⁄4 inch thick.

4.  Continue to carve slices of the leg on both slides of the 'V' cut.

5.  Carry on until all the meat is removed from the bone.

6.  Using a clean tea towel to hold the bone, turn the joint over and cut horizontal slices away from you.

7.  A delicious plateful of roast lamb ready for serving.

Different cuts from a leg of lamb

Martin shows how a single leg of lamb can be cut and used to create four deliciously different meals

Martin shows how to create four very different but equally delicious lamb meals out of one leg of lamb.  There is a slow braised lamb shank, he marinades a middle leg in a citrus marinade ready for roasting or popping on the BBQ in the warmer months.  He shows how the lamb topside can be made into delicious lean steaks or a smaller roasting joint and finally the lamb rump gets a crunchy herb crust perfect for a more special meal for two.

How to French Trim a rack of lamb

Here Paul shows you how to prepare a French trimmed rack of lamb.

Ask your butcher to cut you a rack with the right amount of cutlets for the amount of people you are serving then you can just chine the bones yourself at home by following Paul’s instructions.  Or if you want to go a stage further he shows you how to prepare lamb cutlets or lamb noisettes instead