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Lamb Sweetbread ​

Head Chef at Hipping Hall and MasterChef: The Professionals finalist, Oli Martin shows us his lamb sweetbread dish in this episode of #OfftheBlock. Oli has a big focus on bringing native British ingredients back to life and looking back at history to build a story behind the food, adding to the whole experience.Take a look at what Oli dishes up for us. 

Lamb Sweetbread

Beef Pastrami​

What a fantastic way to start 2020 - in this episode of #OfftheBlock, Oli Martin, Head Chef at Hipping Hall and MasterChef: The Professionals finalist, makes Beef Pastrami using short rib of Dexter. The beef is brined for 10 days and slowly cooked for two days in a water bath. It's then covered with a malt glaze and finished with local spices that have been barbequed to give a smoky flavour. It's served with almond cream infused with bone marrow, smoked cucumbers, fresh fennel shoots and topped with a liquorice oil.

Take a look at Oli putting it together in this video

Beef Pastrami