Casseroling, stewing and braising

Stewing, braising and casseroling are all moist methods of cooking that are cooked in the oven or on the hob.  The meat is simmered gently at a low temperature with added liquid.  
Allow approximately 225-350g vegetables (use root vegetables cut into chunks) per 450g meat and 150ml liquid (try stock, wine, beer etc).

Our recommended method

There are two methods of preparation:

1. All the meat, vegetables and liquid are added to a large pan or ovenproof casserole dish. Cover and cook for the recommended time.

2. The traditional 'sealing' method is where the meat and vegetables are browned in a little oil then the remaining ingredients are added.

You could also try adding jars of shop bought sauces to make preparation really quick. This method is ideal for making tasty curries, simply add a jar of shop bought curry sauce to some cubed meat and vegetables and cook for the calculated cooking time.

Stewing, braising, casseroling170°C, 150°C Fan, Gas Mark 3.

Topside, braising steak; dice and daubes;shin and leg

Stew: 2-3 hours
Braise: Braising steak (Shin, leg, neck) – 1½-2½ hours

Using a slow cooker

Electric slow cookers can provide an economical method of low energy cooking and available in a variety of sizes to suit all households and budgets.   They are perfect for batch-cooked meals and a versatile asset to have in the kitchen.

Basic models only have two settings – high and low, while premium models may a have medium/and or auto setting.

Cooking Times for Slow Cookers

As a rule, for cooking times, always refer to the manufacturers’ handbook, but generally cook on:

LOW for 8-10 hours

HIGH for 4-6 hours