Grilling and Barbecuing Beef

A fast, dry alternative to pan-frying for cooking tender cuts, using intense radiant heat either above or below the meat. Char-grilling or barbecuing seals the meat juices by forming a crust on the surface of the meat. The meat must be basted with a prepared glaze, butter, oil or reserved marinade mixture. This gives a distinctive flavour to your beef or lamb and keeps the meat moist and succulent. Only turn your steaks once during cooking; leaving them to cook untouched will produce juicier results.

  • Under The Heat. Cook the food under a heated element such as a conventional electric or gas grill.

  • Over The Heat. Brush the meat lightly with oil and ensure that the grill rack is pre-heated. Place the grill rack over gas or charcoal grill or barbecue.

  • Between Heat. Place the meat between heated grill bars (such as vertical toaster or grill.) This employs radiant heat, convection heat or both.

Beef Cuts

Cooking Time

Minute steak / Thin cut steak

For each side allow: 1-2 minutes

Fillet steak 2-3cm  thick

For each side allow:

Rare: 3-4 minutes

Medium: 4-5 minutes

Well-done: 6-7 minutes

Sirloin, rump, rib-eye, minute, 2cm thick

For each side allow:

Rare: 2½ minutes

Medium: 4 minutes

Well-done: 6 minutes

Burgers 1-2cm thick

For each side allow: 4-6 minutes