Quality Standard Mark

The Quality Standard Mark for beef and lamb is a scheme that provides you with high levels of assurance about the meat you buy.

The Quality Standard for beef and lamb is the only scheme in the UK to cover eating quality. All beef and lamb carrying the Mark is chosen according to a strict selection process to ensure it is succulent and tender. Quality Standard beef and lamb is produced to higher standards than required by law with a supply chain which is fully assured and independently inspected at every stage from farm to the meat counter.

The Quality Standard Mark also tells you where your beef and lamb is from. For example, meat from an animal born, raised and slaughtered in England will carry the Quality Standard beef or Quality Standard lamb Mark indicating English origin with the St George's flag. If an animal cannot meet all the criteria, for example, it is born in Scotland or Wales, it will be able to carry the Quality Standard Mark but indicate British origin with the Union flag.

The Quality Standard mark Scheme will close as of 31 March 2022. Further details can be found here: Quality Standard Mark (QSM) scheme to close | AHDB