National BBQ week - lets get grilling!

Here at Simply we are big fans of National BBQ week (27 May - 2 June) and an opportunity to shout about our 12 favourite beef and lamb BBQ recipes.

Also check out our video guides for top tips and tasty techniques to get you barbecuing like a pro.

Mini Roasts

Now more popular than ever in supermarkets and independent butchers alike, mini roasts are changing the ways in which people think about roast dinners.

We now live in smaller families, eat separately, prefer greater variety through the week and don’t want gristle, excess fat or bones that make serving or eating the food difficult. The mini roast is so easy to cook, serve and eat, it’s no wonder it’s doing so well.

Super Salads for Summer

Look no further for flavourful, colourful and protein-rich-full summer salad ideas.

Looking for some Easter Inspiration?

Whether you're looking to make the perfect roast this Easter or entertaining a crowd, we’ve got it covered! We have everything from the traditional leg of lamb to delicious party food ideas.

Get cooking with Spencer… & Vogue too!

We are delighted to have collaborated with celebrity cooking champ and fitness fanatic Spencer Matthews in our mission to inspire the nation with delicious beef and lamb recipes.

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